The Market Bakery has full access to the finest ingredients from Anita’s Organic Mill and bakes its bread in a traditional wood-fired oven. The results? Amazing flavour, exceptional texture and incredibly nourishing food. Sourdough breads, pizzas, sandwich loaves, cookies and buns are just a few of the offerings in our bakery. All of our baked goods are 100% organic and most are vegan friendly.

So, you want to know how we make the best pizza’s in town? Well, that’s no secret. Start with a great pizza crust using Anita’s pizza flour. Top with our in-house zesty tomato sauce and the finest and freshest vegetables our farm has to offer. Add pasture-raised pork sausages from Emerald Valley Ranch and top with quality organic cheese. Finally, let it bake to perfection in our wood-fired oven. Simple.

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