Mission & Values

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Our mission is to grow and produce quality food, educate the public on the importance of local food systems and promote the development of local agriculture and food production.

Our vision is to create a food-secure Chilliwack where every citizen has year-round access to affordable, nutritious food provided by cooperative, local, sustainable farms, home gardens and food processors.

We value transparency, sustainability, and authenticity. This means that we believe our customers have a right to know everything about the food they eat; we care about the long-term health of our farm, our community and our planet; and finally, we are a genuine farm and market where real farmers grow real food and food processors strive to use locally-sourced, wholesome ingredients.

Our Values


Our farmers use sustainable growing methods and natural biological controls to produce the finest, freshest and chemical-free foods. We also believe that networking and synergizing with other growers is the only way to create a sustainable agri-food system that will make Chilliwack more food secure.


Our customers should know everything about the food they eat. That’s why we offer educational farm tours where you can see us in action as we prepare the soil, sow our seed and nurture and harvest the food you and your family will eat. We bring new meaning to food traceability.


We all benefit from a plant-based, wholefood diet enabling us to lead more fulfilling and productive lives and to ease the burden on our health care system. We believe in partnering with schools to teach young people how to grow and how to prepare nutritious meals. We also donate wholesome foods to charitable organizations devoted to feeding needy families in our community.